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2016 Notary Public Manual

Produced by the School of Government
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
For the North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State

Newly Released (March 1, 2016) Required Textbook for the initial North Carolina Notary Public Class taught at Community Colleges throughout North Carolina.

All North Carolina Notaries are required to purchase the latest edition of the manual. Initial Notaries, Acting Notaries, and Re-Commissioning Notaries are now required to purchase the 2016 Notary Public Manual.

Approved by the Secretary of State of North Carolina, this manual gives comprehensive coverage to topics included in the initial notary class. Notary students must purchase prior to attending class and it is Highly Recommended that the Notary student read and study the manual prior to attending class for greater success on the final exam administered in class. Students must pass with a score of 80 or above in order to qualify and apply for a Notary Commission.

As this is a NEW edition of the required text, all Re-Commissioning Notaries will be required to purchase this latest edition. Re-Commissioning Notaries generally may choose between attending class for renewal of their commission or successfully completing an online exam with a score of 80 or above. It is Highly Recommended that the Re -Commissioning notary study the manual prior to taking the online exam. The online exam contains 20 questions and will be a 30 minute timed test.

Notaries who are members of the North Carolina Bar Association are required to purchase the 2016 Notary Manual.

Students are required to bring the Notary Manual to class. It contains information on Notary law that is helpful to the novice and experienced Notary. Let it be your Notary Bible.





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